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My name is Saparova Lola. I am the director of the International School of Mental Arithmetic "Menar".

I thought for a long time (I studied the Internet spaces), I went through a lot of development centers, in search of what will help my children develop their mental abilities. So that it was not so long and at the same time interesting. So I met an amazing, literate, purposeful Dinara Shaizhanova. She proved that mental arithmetic can open many opportunities for children. Having weighed all the pros and cons, we decided to open the International School of Mental arithmetic MENAR in the hometown of Almaty.

Our school exists the second year - not so much, but only at first glance. We already have graduates who were able to finish the whole course of mental arithmetic externally, having received the certificate of international level, and most importantly they were satisfied with their results and that it is not unimportant to apply the skills received in our MENAR school in everyday life.

Our teaching methodology is aimed at developing the mental abilities of children with the help of an oral account. In the process of teaching mental arithmetic, the game is directly included in the lesson, clarifying, fixing the educational material. Pupils perform exercises for the development of memory, attention, imagination and even to strengthen vision and posture. We pay special attention to the development of MEMORY and LOGICAL thinking

Menar offers a pleasant diversity of learning materials, including video courses, computer software and the online platform, Internet site and even unique MÉNAR cartoons are created for the development of speech. Our offices are equipped with all necessary technical equipment for work. The rooms are comfortable oval tables, students can see each other and negotiate. Hence between students increases competitiveness, leading to the active position of the student, development of leadership talents and the ability to express their point of view.

Our students easily work with multi-digit numbers, quickly learn and process new information and find interesting solutions. During the lessons of mental arithmetic, the child develops perseverance, the ability to represent, the ability to analyze and most importantly, concentration in actions and thoughts. We help children perform mental exercises and support the work of our brain in an active state, which leads to success. Mental arithmetic is not math, it is learning a quick account in the mind and developing the brain.

Training in Menar takes place in small groups, up to 6 people, which helps the teacher to give proper attention to each student.
Our experienced, qualified specialists - teachers who have passed the certification of the head office in Turkey, with great pleasure, will teach your children to expand the boundaries of their capabilities.

Our goal is to make learning interesting; children - smart and developed; Parents-from this happy!
Be careful and careful with your children!

Thank you for being with us!

And our school is very cozy, bright, spacious and hospitable, waiting for you and your children for new successes, skills and positive emotions !!!

How do we work ?

Our advantages

The most multifunctional online platform for the development and training of ZUN

Availability of rest rooms: a variety of toys and developing cartoons

the presence of over 300 online games to improve their own performance, increasing the speed and accuracy of calculations

In the office's comfortable tables and chairs

Development of mental abilities in a game form. Control of homework

Use the minimum number of formulas for quick counting in the mind

In a group of no more than 6 students

Participation in international olympiads

Online rating of the best Menar students around the world

Training is provided in 4 languages:
Kazakh, Russian, Turkish, English

Classes are held weekly for 3 hours instead of 2, which gives more chances for mastering the material

The possibility to finish the course of mental arithmetic with the external

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