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Mental arithmetic, what is it?

  • Why should children learn the system of mental arithmetic "Menar"?
  • The contribution of Menar school mental arithmetic to academic performance
  • Menar is an account in the mind and development of the brain.
  • Children with special needs in learning mental arithmetic.
  • Reminder

Mental arithmetic is one of the very interesting ways of developing a child. Let's see, what is it. 
There are many different opinions and statements: whether it is necessary for the development of children, each parent makes their own conclusions.  And now we will try to tell you the details as much as possible.

Well, you ready? Then Let's start!

Mental arithmetic is a method of development of mental abilities of children from 4 to 12 years, based on oral accounts. Mental development and intelligence are two qualities reflecting the human ability for mental activities. Mental development is characterized by a combination of knowledge, skills and a set of cognitive actions that have formed in the process of acquiring this knowledge is adopted in classical General psychology understanding cognitive development. Essentially, the mental development is characterization methods, forms and contents of human thinking.

Mental development is an important concept not only for psychology, but also for pedagogy. Teachers-scientists have been shown that the level of cognitive activity is determined by the content of knowledge and skills that the teacher gives to students. Not only the volume, but also the quality of knowledge is important, i.e. their depth, meaningfulness, dynamism, universality. The nature of the acquired knowledge determines the quality of the mastered mental actions. The problem of mental development is closely linked with the problem of intellect. Intelligence is the general mental capacity. It is not the amount of knowledge and mental operations, but contributes to their successful assimilation.

Thus, the intellect affects mental development, but on the contrary - mental development affects intellect. If previously it was believed that the intellect is some kind of congenital, or just some kind of constant value, now many educators and psychologists show how with the help of developmental training it is possible to raise the level of intelligence. From this follows mental arithmetic makes it possible to reveal the potential of the child and helps to form a versatile personality.

Intellectual readiness of the child for school education is associated with the development of mental processes. From solving problems that require the establishment of connections and relationships between objects and phenomena through external orienting actions, children move to solving them in the mind with the help of elementary mental actions, using images.

Mental arithmetic is a good means of educating children in pre-school age:
  • interest in mathematics
  • to logic and reasonableness of reasoning
  • the desire to exercise mental tension, to focus attention on the problem that has arisen

In the process of learning mental arithmetic, the game is directly included in the lesson as a means of formation of new knowledge, clarify, consolidate the learning material.

Pupils perform exercises for the development of memory, attention, imagination and even to strengthen vision and posture.

Used a set of exercises and tasks to allow for enhanced interhemispheric interaction and synchronization of their work. The process of teaching children will be effective if their intellectual abilities are developed through intellectual exercises, logical tasks that are widely used in teaching mental arithmetic.

Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that mental arithmetic affects the development of the child's abilities:

Why should children learn the system of mental arithmetic "Menar" ?

  • The scientific community proves that nobody fully uses the capabilities of its brain and that the human brain has great potential in comparison with the extent of its current use.
  • If this potential does not develop from early childhood, it decreases the level of mental activity. That's what happens to most people. The success formula is very simple: use this opportunity or lose it.
  • Menar presents an enjoyable program with a variety of materials including videos, computer software, Internet sites, online platform and online exercises in addition to books and other printed materials. It is a 240-hour program consisting of 10 stages. Menar classes are arranged once weekly for three lesson.
  • Scientists believe that nobody utilizes their brain’s full capacity and that human brain has a much bigger potential than actually used.
  • If this potential is not cultivated at early ages, it gradually disappears. This is what happens with many people. The rule is simple: use it, or lose it.
  • Menar Abacus Mental Arithmetic Program is the best means to utilize this potential at early ages. At the first stage, the use of Menar abacus in making calculations triggers formation of synaptic connections between neurons in the child’s brain through coordination of sense of touch, sense of sight and brain , which in turn contributes to the enrichment of communication networks between neurons with increasing neural pathways. This provides the child with stronger foundation for intellectual development.
  • However these amazing skills do not just come about overnight or all of a sudden. What lies underneath is years of regular Daily training with exhaustive exercises with tough discipline. Menar helps children to increase their brain power and develop extraordinary arithmetic skills. All it takes is: PRACTICE, PERSEVANCE, PATIENCE!!!

The contribution of Mental's mental arithmetic to academic achievement

It is not surprising that the program Menar, which is based on computing operations using the abacus, helps bridge the gap between children with numbers and builds a solid foundation for further study of mathematics. Children experience difficulty in learning numerical ratios due to the abstract nature of numbers. Because abacus associates numbers with concrete objects like beads, it makes it easier for children understanding the value of numbers and numerical relations. However, Menar develop not only arithmetic ability. Training in operating the abacus stimulates activity in previously unused areas of the brain that maximally affects the brain development process in General. Practice account in mind improves imagination and visual spatial memory. Scientific studies have proven that people who have developed the power of your brain to retain and effectively use their already developed brain even after 70 years. And can also smooth the course of Alzheimer's disease. Children who have a stronger memory, attention and concentration in addition to rapid mental calculation skills, become successful students not only in mathematics but also in the social Sciences that require verbal skills.

Menar is an account in the mind and development of the brain.

A human brain is an incomparable machine for learning, which can change and improve. The level of development of civilization that the human race has reached has, until now, created in art, science, philosophy of technology a completely collective and historical product of this unique organ. In addition, scientists believe that the human brain is capable of more than it is used. A human brain shows a great development in infancy and continues to develop until a certain age, raises certain part of its potential, depending on the wealth of environmental stimuli and the influence of family and school education. Thus, the brain reaches a certain level of intellectual abilities. In fact, the potential that is not developing until the age of twelve, gradually disappears, as the brain remains unused and the person continues his accumulation of knowledge, as the depth of his mental abilities allows. Little children who at least do not know how to read and write, after training in Menar, will be able to perform complex operations on multi-number, mentally, with incredible speed and accuracy. This is a suggestive sign that some incredible work can be performed by the human brain when its potential is developing.

Children with special needs in learning mental arithmetic

Children's health is the most important issue of ensuring the future of the nation. It is quite natural for every parent to wish to see his baby healthy. Only it happens that the alleged happiness is overshadowed by some rather unpleasant disease. To "go further," you need to learn to live with it and give your child only positive emotions.

Children with special needs are children who have various abnormalities of the mental or physical, which cause a violation of General development, allowing children to lead a full life.

Only an integrated and collaborative work of the teacher and family is able to give a high result in the development of children. At the present time, Menar's leadership carried out the research work "How visually impaired children can do mental arithmetic." The results were amazing.
Every child has unique characteristics, interests, abilities and learning needs. The diversity and dissimilarity of children to each other seems not a problem but an opportunity to master the skills of children's interaction in the social environment. The whole process of learning and teaching material, developed in a supportive atmosphere, better remembered and has strong links with the corresponding emotional state. The emotional factor stimulates thinking and creativity of the child. Thus the whole learning process is built to be comfortable for the child to receive new knowledge and positive impressions and emotions from his work.


Regular practice and a sufficient amount of exercises are incredibly important in learning and professional development. Therefore:

  • Daily solve problems, do at least 20 minutes, perform additional tasks on the Menar platform on the Internet
  • Check your results, after solving operations, note the number of correct answers, and continue to monitor your points daily. Re-solve tasks with incorrect results. Don't delete incorrect answers.. Just cross out the wrong answer and write the result below.
  • Developing mental computing skills is a long-term process. The result will gradually justify itself. Be patient and never give up a daily practice. The result will please you, your parents and your teachers!

In conclusion, in simple words we can say:
  • to increase the capacity of our brain and keep it in good condition, we need to perform mental exercises and support the work of our brain in the active state
  • in the classroom of mental arithmetic, children not only freely can operate with multivalued numbers, but also simultaneously negotiate, and even look around!

Training at the International school of mental arithmetic "Menar" will be a joyful trip that will take You to the highest stages of development of Your mental abilities!

Come and bring your friends. We promise it will be interesting!!!!!
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