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Hello, dear parents. We are glad to see you on the site of the International school of mental arithmetic «Menar»


On our website, we regularly publish relevant information on the topic of education and children’s development


Here, you can easily find information about teaching children to use and apply their knowledge and ability in the social environment to gain victories and successes. Also, we will gladly tell you about many methods that we use during the lesson in our mental arithmetic school; about innovations in education and child development; and advice, how to spent free time with the benefit for your child.


We recommend you keep an eye on our news blog to avoid missing interesting and useful information. Materials of new’s blog contain teachers with more experiences teaching children, including using innovation and standards ın the sphere of education. Furthermore, we uploaded interesting notes about visual arts, origami, arts and crafts, cheat sheet, tables and lists, helping quick and easy to learn the English language. And also, tasks and exercises easily used at home during the Holidays and weekend.


We wish you fascinating to spend quality time by studying the news on our website.