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English Language in our school.

As you know, English remains the first in the list of languages of international communication. Most business negotiations are conducted in English, most of the information around the world is presented in English. When people from different parts of the world cross each other, they begin a dialogue in English .. English knowledge will give to your child the possibilities of unlimited communication and retrieval of new information. Just imagine - free communication with people from other countries, reading world literature in the original, access to any scientific publications. English for the child is his successful future.

Many parents do not think about how many adventures their children can get by learning English, let's figure out why English is needed. First, the study of English since childhood allows you to expand the horizon of the child and greatly affects his development, logic and memory. Secondly, the language from childhood is a saving of money and time. Children are more receptive to language learning and grasp everything on the fly. Having spent time learning English as a child, you will save years in the future. Thirdly, learning a language as a child will enable the child to successfully apply the acquired knowledge from school already. Thanks to the sources in English, the child will be able to quickly and easily understand new topics, prepare interesting reports and presentations.
The best method of learning English for children is the game form of instruction. During the game, the child perceives the language not as something boring, but as the rules of this game. Applying various words, he immediately sees the effect and remembers them much better. The main thing in working with preschoolers is the ability to build a lesson so that the kids were sure that the real purpose of the meeting is not to study, but to play together, talk with the guys, have fun, sing songs - all in English.

Training should be intensive at all stages and cover all areas of our life. This can be achieved with the help of two components - the correct delivery of material and the active position of the student. If you really want to learn a language, you need to change your way of life and apply much more strength than you need to passively attend classes. In the classroom, the teacher gives the foundation of the language, which is subject to constant, intensive practice. This basis should be sufficient for independent work. In other words, in the classroom you need to get a kind of push for further self-training. This is the main task of the teacher.

Thus, from the teacher you can get: 
  • reliable information about the specifics and features of the language. 
  • on the basis of the specifics of the language, students receive appropriate methods for studying it. 
  • an explanation of the principles of constructing language constructions. The grammatical basis of the analysis of the language and its complexity. 
  • the skill of an effective method of self-learning and memorization. 
  • the skill of reading texts and understanding English by hearing the speech

Of course, practical exercises and vocabulary expansion go hand in hand with each of these points. This is important for setting the correct pronunciation, which is difficult to do without a teacher, and to consolidate the current material. Nevertheless, for any training the principle of regularity of classes always works.

That is, the regular performance of homework, additional work, and most importantly quality attendance classes will lead to your success! Of course, there are many methods, strategies and ways to learn English spoken. And you can not say that one is better and the other is worse. All individually - for someone the first system is suitable, for another - the second, for someone - the third. Based on personal preferences, everyone chooses his own way. Clearly, only one thing is to do it regularly and according to a certain plan. Learn English in several ways: personal, group and independent work. The most optimal option for those who are going to learn the language "from scratch" are classes with a teacher that will help lay a solid foundation of your knowledge. Your efforts and time spent are directly proportional to the result, which will be obtained. Take care of your time, attend regular classes, do your homework and you can easily learn a foreign language.
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